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“The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest.”

-Albert Einstein

What are Mutual Funds?

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Why Mutual Funds are Cool?

High Returns

Currently, the average annual return for fixed income funds is 10.50%. This is considered the same high return of Banks’ investment certificates (ICs) & almost 2x the normal saving accounts’ return.


No Lock-in Periods

This return doesn’t require to be locked in for specific period like happens with the ICs. So, you can take the same rate as (ICs) with extreme flixiblity. You can take your investment anytime & with any profit happened during the period of investments even it was ONE DAY!

Invest from 10EGP

You mustn’t have large amounts to start investing in mutual funds. You can start as low as 10EGP, cool haa!




There are many options you can invest in. Fixed Income funds, Equity Funds, Balanced Funds; all that have conventional & shariaa compliance options.

Featured Funds

  • Conservative
  • Moderate
  • Aggressive
  • Halal

NBE 8 Fixed Income Fund – El Waaed

1y: 10.49%

Since Inception: 227.48%

Themar Money Market Fund

1y: 9.49%

Since Inception: 374.81%

National Bank 1 Balanced Fund

1y: 7.14%

Since Inception: 683.27%

CIB Takamul Balanced Fund

1y: 9.21%

Since Inception: 102.32%

National Bank 3 Equity Fund

1y: 6.18%

Since Inception: 116.42%

CIB 2 Istethmar Equity Eund

1y: 8.84%

Since Inception: 96.35%

Sanabel Shariaa equity fund

1y: 16.06%

Since Inception: 75.79%

Bashayer Shariaa equity fund

1y: 8.35%

Since Inception: 95.51%

Taste the Power of Compounding

Calculate by the amount you are targeting at retirement

Calculate by the amount you are targeting at retirement


Calculate by the monthly amount you can save

Calculate by the monthly amount you can save